Neat finished

We select each product with high rigor and pay close attention to the finishes, as discreet as they may be.

And if some people think that the devil is hiding in the details, we promise you that our range will offer you a taste of the paradise!

2-Zoom fermeture

Optimum comfort

Your well-being is our absolute priority. 

By insisting to choose the best materials, we promise you serene nights.

Effective support, a really soft softness, an incomparable smoothness, a perfectly silent protection -so many pledges for a deep and restful sleep.


The right choices for your health and the environment

You will find The BI-OME treatment on many of our products. This is a revolutionary anti-mite, antibacterial and anti-mould technology.

BI-OME guarantees freshness and optimal hygiene. And since no toxic or dangerous substance is used, neither you nor the environment will be affected.

In addition, while conventional antimicrobials are gradually losing their effectiveness over time, BI-OME remains active throughout the life cycle of treated items.